Once Upon a Biscuit

Italy is comprised of 20 regions, each producing its own culinary treasures. In this case, each biscuit has a story behind it and influences italy`s culture, traditions and knowledge.
For example, the Krumiri were first invented by King Vittorio Emanuele`s chef who in his honour shaped them as the king`s moustache. Now they are one of Torino`s most famous and wanted biscuits.

The Brutti ma Buoni (Ugly but nice) where first made in 1878 when by mistake, a baker dropped crushed hazelnuts in meringue. By this simple mistake he created his own fortune which influenced italy`s history and culinary knowledge.

The Ricciarelli from Siena are known as the king of the Italian biscuits. According to legend, Ricciardetto della Gherardesca of Siena in the XIV century was the person to introduce these sweets in his castle near Volterra after his return from the Crusades. The name "ricciarello" seems to derive from the original curled shape of the sultan`s slippers he had seen in the Holy Land.

· Cantucci
· Assabesi
· Ungheresi
· Amaretti Sardi
· Napoletani
· Chiacchere
· Cannoli
· Ciambelle Romane
· Ossa da Mordere

These are just a few of the many biscuits that we produce. Our intention is to produce every biscuit Italy has to offer with the same care and love that our mothers and grandmothers used to make them. Our biscuits are made from the freshest ingredients and don`t contain any types of additives and artificial colourings as we want people to experience the real taste of Italy`s own biscuits.

About Us

italian chef
Claudio is an Italian chef with 26 years of experience who is a member of the FIC (Italian Cooking federation) since 1986. He has worked in England, Scotland, in the Netherlands and in many places around Italy like Supper Club in Rome, Hilton, and Sheraton.
He decided to move to Australia in 2008 with his wife Milena and his daughter Anastasia and after working for 4 years in a local restaurant he decided to introduce the wonders of italian culture in the Down South by producing and selling traditional italian biscuits and cakes.

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